Informed Consent page

Dear participant,

First of all, thank you for your interest in participating in this research study, below you can read more information about the study. This study is sponsored by Philips.

We are interested in how people construe their sense of self. In this study we ask you about your gender and age, and about feelings toward yourself. We might also ask you about core values that you or others might have.

All questions are obligatory, but you can decide at any point during this survey to cancel your participation. You can do so by "cancelling out of the browser window" or by "not submitting the survey after the last set of questions". Incomplete surveys will be deleted after survey closing date.

No cookies (cookies are internet tracking tools) are being used in this survey.

The data collected in this study will be used for research and development purposes, and will not individually identify you. The results may be published (e.g. scientific publications, presentations or reports) in an aggregated way. The collected data is periodically reviewed (every 5 years) if it is still relevant. It is deleted if not relevant anymore.

The data of this study will be analyzed in an aggregated and anonymized way. The data from this study may be used in the future for secondary purposes and research and development purposes.

You have the right to access, rectify your data and oppose to data processing. To do so, please contact the Responsible Researchers:

Thijs Blom, Boris de Ruyter
HTC 34, 5656AE Eindhoven, The Netherlands